This article will help you understand the various settings available to you in the Telstra Smart Home app. These changed with app version 9.1.1, so ensure you’ve got at least this version installed.

Settings are divided into four sections: My devices, Me, My friends and family, and Application settings. This article focuses on Application settings, but we’ll give a brief overview of each below.

My devices

Use My devices to add new devices, such as sensors, plugs or cameras or to link your third party accounts, such as Philips Hue lighting or Roost.

Each device you’ve paired is listed under Installed devices. Tap on the device to open the edit device screen for that sensor to:

  • Name your device or sensor: each sensor must have a unique name and special characters are not allowed. Most users name their devices based on location. If you plan to use your smart home with voice controlled devices, such Google Home or Amazon Alexa, brevity is recommended.
  • View the status of the sensor: this is handy when renaming the sensor to ensure you’ve got the right one, or when placing your sensor to ensure it’s within range of your hub.
  • Enable or mute the sensor: use this setting if you’d like to temporarily ignore notifications or triggers from a particular sensor, without disabling the entire automation.
  • Delete or remove the sensor: once deleted, you’ll need to re-pair the sensor with smart home if you want to use it again. The sensor will show up in activity as ‘Device removed’ and any automations containing that sensor will need to be updated.


Use Me to view your daily quotas of images, videos and text messages. The address information in Me is automatically populated when your account is created.

My friends and family

In My friends and family you can add, edit, or delete contacts. You can add other contacts if you’d like other people to receive notifications or emails about what’s happening in your smart home. Simply create an automation and choose to notify that contact. The default contact generated upon account creation can’t be deleted, but you can edit the details if they are incorrect.

Application settings

This section contains general settings for your app:

  • Play sounds can be toggled on or off.
  • Display Fahrenheit: temperatures can be shown in either Fahrenheit or Celsius – this is only relevant if you have a thermostat.
  • Receive campaigns: from time to time, we may send you messages within the app that are relevant to you. This may include messages describing an important firmware update, troubleshooting tips for an error in the app, a new feature or a special offer we have running.
  • Send analytics: when enabled, we collect anonymised data about how you use the app to prioritise new features and improvements. As a reminder, no one at Telstra can see any video streams or images from your cameras at any time. You can disable this feature if you wish.
  • Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions will link you to our legal documents.
  • Enable Touch ID (iOS only) allows you to use fingerprint authentication to sign into the app.
  • Stay signed in saves your login details so you don’t have to enter your username and password every time.
  • PIN sign in allows you to use a 4 digit pin, rather than your username and password, to sign in.
  • App version is listed at the bottom of this screen.





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