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You can use modes to organise your automations. You can link an automation to a mode so that it turns on when that mode is activated. Here’s how to do it and some examples of what you can do.

What are the Telstra Smart Home modes?

  • Home – when you’re at home
  • Away – when you’re away from home, such as at work or school
  • Night – when you’re at home after sunset
  • Holiday – when you’re away for a period of days or weeks.

How do I change modes?

  1. Open the Telstra Smart Home app or Web Portal
  2. Your current mode will be highlighted in dark blue
  3. Press the current mode
  4. You’ll see the ‘Change mode’ screen appear
  5. Select the mode you want to change to. Your new mode will be highlighted in blue.
  6. Press the Back button at the top left.

Which automations can I link to a mode?

Here are some examples of what you can do. Once you get the idea, you can set the automations and modes to suit your personal routine.

Home mode

  • set the thermostat to 22°C
  • turn on the living room light
  • turn on the kettle

Away mode

  • turn off the iron
  • text me if motion is detected in my living room
  • email me a video from the hallway camera if the front door opens

Night mode

  • turn on the porch light
  • lock the front door

Holiday mode

  • email me if the front door opens
  • turn on the living room light for two hours each night
  • email me a video if motion is detected

Do I need to use modes when setting up automations?

Modes can help you group and organise your automations. You don’t have to use them, but they can be very helpful. Rather than having to include specific times of days to turn on and off, you can link them to modes, so you can control groups of automations by switching modes.






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