1. Pair your MyHue account to your Hue Bridge
    1. Create a MyHue account
    2. Download and open the Hue app
    3. Select Explore
    4. Log into your MyHue account. (Trouble logging in?)
    5. This will pair your MyHue account to your Hue Bridge.
  1. Pair your Philips Hue Lighting to your Telstra Smart Home
    1. Open the Telstra Smart Home app
    2. Log in with your Telstra ID
    3. Select Settings
    4. Select My Devices
    5. Select Connect Partner Devices
    6. Next to Philips Hue Lighting select Add
    7. On the screen that appears, select  Link my Philips Hue account
    8. On the Sign In screen, sign in with your MyHue ID
    9. When asked to trust this application, select Yes.


Good to know:

  • You need Telstra Smart Home app version or later.






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