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If you are having problems with your Water Leak Detector try the steps below.

Why does the app show a zero reading for my Water Leak Detector?

If your Telstra Smart Home app says zero for temp, battery level and signal on your Water Leak Detector, it’s because you haven't tested the detector yet.

To test the Water Leak Detector:

Place a coin across the two probes on the bottom of the detector. This will cause it to send data to the Telstra Smart Home hub.

To stop the Water Leak Detector from buzzing:

The Water Leak Detector will continue to buzz while the probes are in contact with water. There are two ways to stop it from buzzing:

  1. Once you’ve fixed the leak and the water is cleaned up, the buzzer will stop.
  2. You can move the detector away from the leak until it has been fixed and then put it back.

To reboot or reset your Water Leak Detector:

To factory reset

  1. Open the cover
  2. Remove the battery
  3. Hold the reset button and insert the battery
  4. When the LED light ups release the reset button.


To reboot

  1. Open the cover
  2. Remove battery
  3. Wait 10 seconds
  4. Insert the battery.





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