When you pair your Telstra Smart Home devices to your Telstra Smart Home account, and link that account to your Google Home app, they should automatically appear in the Google Home app.

If they don’t, here are some possible reasons why not - and how to fix it.

  1. The Google Home app only shows the following devices:
    • Smart Power Plugs
    • Smart Light Bulbs
    • Smart Thermostats
    • LED Floodlight with Motion Sensors.
  1. You may have the wrong Telstra Smart Home account

    In the Google Home app select the Menu button to check the account is linked to your Google Nest device. You’ll see your account information appear above the menu items.

  1. Your devices aren’t paired with your Telstra Smart Home app

    Your devices need to be paired correctly with the Telstra Smart Home app, so that your Google Nest device can talk to your Telstra Smart Home devices.

Open the Telstra Smart Home app and make sure that the devices are correctly paired with the app.

Still having problems?

If your devices are working in your Telstra Smart Home app but you still can’t see them in the Google Home app, contact us.

Need more help?

Watch our video on How to add Google Home to your Smart Home


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