In this example, we’ll set up an automation to take a video when your door opens and send it to you by email. This could be useful if you’ve got family members coming home from school and you want to confirm they’ve arrived.

You’ll need:

  • a door/window sensor, paired and mounted on your door
  • a camera pointed at the door
  • at least one contact saved in the app
  • the Telstra Smart Home app.


We’ll set up this automation so the camera takes a video when the front door opens between 3pm and 5pm on weekdays and emails it to you. You can choose any door and camera combination – this is just an example.

1. Navigate to your Automations tab, tap the + in the top right hand corner. Video on doors is a suggested automation and already set up for us – so tap it to get started.



2. View the summary screen – currently in our example when the Back Door opens, the Back veranda camera will take a video clip. This works for us – but for examples sake let’s change the door sensor. Tap Back Door open (this may be different depending on what your door is named).




3. Leave Door sensor selected and tap Continue. Then choose a different door – we selected Front door.




4. Leave Open selected and tap Next.




5. If you’d like to change which camera captures the video clip, you can do by tapping Back veranda Take video clip and following the prompts to update the camera just as you did the door sensor.

6. Since we want the video clip emailed to us, tap Add notification and then choose which contacts you’d like to receive an email. Then tap Continue.



7. Now, since you only want to receive a video on certain days, tap Everyday. Then de-select Sunday and Saturday.  Then, set it so it only happens at the times you want. For us, this was between 3 and 5 pm. Tap Add.



8. As we don’t want this to happen when we’re in holiday mode, tap Every mode. Then tap Holiday to de-select it and tap Continue to update which modes this automation applies to.




9. Last, check the details of your automation, tap the pencil give it a unique name, and then tap Save.



You’re all set! Now, when the front door opens between 3pm and 5pm on weekdays, and you’re in any mode except holiday, you’ll receive an email with a video clip from your specified camera attached.




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