Google Home will work with the following Telstra Smart Home Devices:

  • Smart Power Plugs
  • Smart Light Bulbs
  • LED Floodlights with Motion Sensors 
  • Phillips Hue Lighting
  • Smart Thermostats.

What can I do with Google Home?

You’ll be able tell Google Home to:

  • Turn your Telstra Smart Home devices on and off
  • Adjust the brightness of your Telstra Smart Home lights
  • Change the temperature of your thermostat.

How do I get my devices to talk to Google Home?

Make sure your Telstra Smart Home devices are paired to your Telstra Smart Home first, on the Telstra Smart Home app. Then they’ll be controllable via Google Home.

Need help pairing?

What else can I do with Google Home?

To discover all the features Google Home offers and how to use them in your home, visit Google Home’s features page.






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