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It may be the way you’ve named your Smart Power Plugs. Here’s a list of possible problems and how to fix them in the Alexa app.

  1. Your Smart Power Plug name has the word ‘light’ in it

    If you’ve plugged a light or lamp into a Smart Power Plug, don’t call it a light. Make sure ‘plug’ is in the name.

  1. You have two Smart Power Plugs with similar names

    Give one plug a name that’s clearly different.

  1. Your Smart Power Plug name is similar to a group name

    Rename the plug using words different to the group name.

  1. Your Smart Power Plug name has numbers or special characters

    Remove any numbers and special characters from the name

Where can I get advanced troubleshooting help?

Further troubleshooting information is available on Amazon's website.





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