What can I do if my mobile reception is interrupted?


Restart your phone
Switch your device off and on again. This can often fix your connection.


Check for an outage
Find out if there’s an outage affecting you, and get updates on when it should be fixed on our Service Status Page. If you are affected by an outage, there isn’t anything you can do until the network is back up and running.

You may be eligible for a credit to your account if you’ve been impacted by a service disruption or outage affecting your services. 


The outage is resolved – so why can’t I connect?

If the outage is resolved but you still can’t get back on the network:


If you’re getting bad reception or dropped calls:

Refresh your connection. If you travelled out of range then back onto the network, turn your mobile off and on again.

Do you have full signal strength? Check the signal icon on your screen: Low signal strength can stop your phone from working effectively. Phones differ, but generally:

  • 1-2 bars = low signal strength
  • 3 bars = moderate signal strength
  • 4-5 bars = full signal strength


Are you in a Telstra network coverage area? Make sure with our coverage map.

Are your surroundings causing interference? Your phone may not work if you are:

  • Under a tin roof
  • In a forest
  • Inside a car, tram, tunnel, underground car park, shopping centre or building
  • In storms or heavy rain
  • In a built-up area with a large amount of people trying to connect to a single tower at once, such as a large sporting event or festival.


If you’re on a Pre-Paid service, check your balance

If you’ve got a Pre-Paid service,  you need to have some data allowance or credit balance to connect. If your balance is $0.00 you’ll need to purchase a Plus Pack, or recharge.


How do I check my balance?

You can check your balance, recharge and purchase Plus Packs by:

  • Using the My Telstra app
  • Typing m.telstra.com in your browser
  • Dialling #100# and following the prompts.


Check that  mobile data is enabled on your device

Turn your device off and after a few minutes, turn it back on. Open your browser and go to www.telstra.com.au or www.google.com to test your internet connection

If you can’t connect, go to your settings menu and make sure ‘mobile data’ or ‘cellular data’ is turned on. Now open your browser and check again.


Check your device APN setting

APN (or ‘Access Point Name’) is a setting on your mobile phone that lets you access mobile internet.

Below are the details to enter into your device if they are not listed already. You should leave blank any fields left blank in the table. If only one column is filled in, you can use the same APN setting for both internet data and MMS. Otherwise, make two.


  Internet Data MMS
Name Telstra Telstra
APN telstra.wap telstra.mms
MMSC   http://mmsc.telstra.com:8002
MMS Proxy
MMS Port   80
MMS Protocol   WAP 2.0
MCC 505 505
MNC 01 01
Authentication Type   PAP
APN Type default,supl mms


Check your SIM Card

If mobile data is enabled and you’ve tried everything and still can’t access mobile data, check your SIM:


  • Remove your SIM card and reinsert it. Turn your phone on to check connection has been restored.
  • Ensure the SIM card tray is free from dust and dirt
  • Insert your SIM card in another mobile device. Make sure that the device’s Wi-Fi is turned off, and mobile/cellular data is turned on. Now open your browser and go to www.telstra.com.au or www.google.com. If the webpage loads on the other device, the issue is probably your device.


Still nothing? It’s time to talk.

If you still aren't getting reception - but you think you should be - we need to know about it, so please contact us.


Need calls forwarded?
Just ask the Mobile Faults Team to divert your calls to another number while the fault is fixed. This is a free service.  






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