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Troubleshooting - Telstra Wi-Fi Calling

Wi-Fi Calling lets you make voice calls from a compatible Telstra mobile phone over Fixed Broadband Wi-Fi, when you can’t connect to the mobile network.


Why am I getting a ‘Fail to connect to VoWiFi’ message?
It means you can’t use Wi-Fi Calling with your current Wi-Fi hotspot. This may be because the hotspot:

  • uses an unsupported Internet Service Provider,
  • has a firewall that blocks Wi-Fi Calling, or
  • is outside of Australia. Wi-Fi calling is currently only available in Australia.


Why can’t I use Wi-Fi Calling on my friend’s home network?
If you can use Wi-Fi Calling on your network but not on someone else’s, it may be because:

  • their Internet Service Provider (ISP) is incompatible,
  • certain firewall settings are blocking it, or
  • it’s a public Wi-Fi hotspot and it’s set up differently.


Why I can’t see the Wi-Fi Calling symbol on my phone?

  • When you’re using Wi-Fi Calling, you should see the symbol on the top of your screen.
  • If you can’t see it - and you get the message ‘Fail to connect to VoWiFi’ - then Wi-Fi Calling isn’t possible where you are.


Can I change my Call Forwarding settings when I’m on Wi-Fi Calling?
No. Currently Wi-Fi calling can only forward calls based on your existing settings

To change your Call Forwarding settings, connect to the Telstra Mobile Network.


What if my calls sound worse on Telstra Wi-Fi Calling?
We run performance tests on all phones we sell. We only enable Wi-Fi calling on devices that pass our testing.

We also check ongoing performance of Wi-Fi compatible phones to ensure they’re working correctly.


How do I turn off Wi-Fi Calling?

Follow the steps below. Remember you may no longer be able to make calls when there is no Telstra mobile coverage available.

For Android devices:

  1. Go to your Phone app

  2. Select ‘More’

  3. Select ‘Settings’

  4. Un-tick ‘Wi-Fi Calling’.


For Apple devices:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Select ‘Phone’

  3. Select ‘Wi-Fi calling’

  4. Tick the ‘Off’ button.


Why is Wi-Fi Calling saying I’ve got the wrong number?

  • It could be because you’re in a location where more than one area code is present – such as around the borders of VIC/NSW, TAS, NSW/ACT, QLD, SA/NT or WA – and your phone recognises the incorrect area code.
  • For example, if you make a call in VIC (03) but close to the NSW border without adding the (03) area code, the default location of NSW (02) may be recognised by your phone – and tell you it’s a wrong number.


How can I avoid this?

  • Adding the correct area code to numbers in your phone book will solve the problem.
  • Otherwise, try moving back into a mobile coverage area and turning the airline mode on and off. This should reset the location. For some devices with Qualcomm chipsets, it may be necessary to do this every 70 minutes.






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