What is Telstra One Number?

Telstra One Number is a subscription service that allows you to connect a secondary device, such as a cellular-enabled smart watch, to the Telstra mobile network. You can then use your cellular-enabled smart watch to make and receive calls, and send and receive messages without your phone. Telstra One Number costs $5 per month, which is added to your monthly mobile phone bill.


Who can get it?
Anyone on a personal, post-paid Telstra mobile plan with an eligible device can get Telstra One Number.

Please note, Telstra One Number is currently unavailable for mobile services on Telstra business accounts.


What do I need to get it?
To purchase Telstra One Number, you’ll need:


What if I buy a cellular-enabled smart watch but don’t want to sign up to Telstra One Number?
You can still pair your cellular-enabled smart watch to your phone via Bluetooth, without subscribing to Telstra One Number. You only need Telstra One Number if you want to connect your two devices on our mobile network.





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