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What’s in a Telstra Pre Paid Extra plan?

  • Heaps of data inclusions
  • Unlimited calls and texts to standard Australian numbers when you recharge with $30 or more
  • Extra Credit for International calls and texts, roaming and Premium SMS
  • Access to unlimited Wi-Fi data at over 1 million Telstra Air® hotspots
  • Save up to 50GB unused data in your Data Bank when you recharge $30 or more before expiry. 


Can I keep in touch with friends and family overseas?

With Telstra Pre-Paid Extra™, when you recharge $40 or more you get unlimited calls from Australia to standard numbers in:

  • Canada
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • UK
  • USA

Good to know:

  • Texts to international numbers are 20c per SMS
  • Your Pre-Paid Extra credit is only for use in Australia, within 28 days
  • If you recharge less than $40 you can use your Extra Credit or recharge credit to send International text messages and make international calls at standard rates. See International rates.

What can I use my Extra Credit for?

You can use Extra Credit for:

  • International calls and text
  • International Roaming
  • Premium SMSrecharge after your expiry date

You can’t use Extra Credit for:

  • Calls, texts and MMS to Australian numbers
  • Call diversions
  • MessageBank® retrieval
  • Internet browsing in Australia
  • Content purchases such as Google Play.

How does Data Bank work?

  • Data Bank lets you save up to 100GB of your unused data - it’s automatic when you recharge $30 or more before your credit expiry date
  • You can also top up your Data Bank yourself, by buying a Data Plus Pack
  • Any bonus data we give you also goes directly into your Data Bank
  • Your Data Bank is capped at 100GB so unused data over this limit won’t be saved
  • If you recharge after your expiry date, any unused data won’t be saved in Data Bank
  • Your Data Bank will not expire as long you recharge on Telstra Pre-Paid Extra
  • Your Data Bank will expire if you change plan, if you don’t recharge your service or if your Pre-Paid service is deactivated

How do I access my data in my Data Bank?

  • It’s automatic – you start using your Data Bank data only when you use up data in your current active recharge.
  • If you let your recharge expire, your Data Bank will remain on your account. You’ll have access to it when you recharge again.

Good to know:

  • Your Data Bank will only expire if you move to another Pre-Paid plan or your service is deactivated.

What about Extra Credit, and other unused inclusions?

Extra Credit and other inclusions expire after 28 days. They don’t rollover even if you recharge your Telstra Pre-Paid Extra plan before expiry.

How do I check what offer I’m on?

Find out how to check what Pre-Paid offer you’re on and what inclusions you have here.

How do I change to Pre-Paid Extra?

Follow the instructions on how to change to Pre-Paid Extra here.

If Pre-Paid Extra isn’t for you, check out our range of other Pre-Paid offers.

Can I add a Data Plus Pack to Telstra Pre-Paid Extra?

Yes. You can buy an International Roaming Browse Plus Pack, or a Data Plus Pack:

  • International Roaming Browse Plus Packs - 30 days expiry, for use in selected countries;
    • $29: 100MB
    • $85: 300MB
    • $160: 600MB
  • Data Plus Pack - saves directly into your Data Bank, for use in Australia;
    • $10 Data Plus Pack: 1GB of data
    • $20 Data Plus Pack: 2.5GB of data

Good to know:

While you’re on a Telstra Pre-Paid Extra plan, you can’t purchase or use:

  • Browse Plus Packs
  • Pics Plus Packs
  • Text Plus Packs or Talk Plus Packs
  • any other Plus Packs

Will a Data Plus Pack still have 7 days expiry if I buy it on Telstra Pre-Paid Extra?

No - the 7 days expiry on Data Plus Pack no longer applies because the data goes straight into your Data Bank on the Telstra Pre-Paid Extra™ plan.

Can I roam overseas with Telstra Pre-Paid Extra?

Yes - you can roam using your Extra Credit. BUT the cost is higher than in Australia. And data used while roaming overseas is charged at $3 per MB. You can see all the call and SMS charges here.

Can I buy data on ‘Pay As You Go’ with Pre-Paid Extra?

No, we don’t support Pay As You Go Data. If you need more data before your next recharge, you can buy a Data Plus Pack to add to your Data Bank.





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