How do I activate my Telstra Pre-Paid SIM card?

Before you start, you’ll need two things:


1. Your SIM serial number or service number

See below: you'll find these on your SIM Starter Kit or the packaging your device came in.


    serial number


2. One valid form of ID:

It can be your:

  • Australian driver’s licence or learner's permit
  • Medicare card
  • Australian passport
  • International passport with a valid Australian Visa


Ready to activate?

On your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, click the link below and follow the prompts to activate your service. You don’t need an internet connection or credit balance to access this page.

Activate now


What if I’m keeping my existing number?

  1. With your current service still active in your phone (from your existing provider, not Telstra), Oon your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, go to
  2. Follow the prompts to activate a Pre-Paid service 
  3. On the Your SIM details page, select Transfer my current number.

Make sure the details you provide exactly match the details held by your current provider, such as the spelling of your name and date of birth. If your existing service is on a billed plan, you will also need to provide your account number.

Get more help on transferring your number to Telstra 

your service details


Good to know

It can take up to 48 hours for your number to transfer to Telstra. While you’re waiting you can keep using your current service.

When can I transfer my mobile number?

We can only transfer your mobile number within these operating hours:

  • Monday-Friday – 8:00am-8:00pm (AEST/AEDST)
  • Saturday, Easter Monday and the Queen’s Birthday – 10:00am-6:00pm (AEST/AEDST)
  • Sunday and public holidays – you can submit your order but the transfer will start the next business day


How do I know when my number has been transferred?

Your service with your previous provider will stop working. We’ll also send you an SMS or email as soon as your number has come over to Telstra.

To start using your service:

  1. Turn off your phone
  2. Insert your new Telstra Pre-Paid SIM
  3. Turn it back on
  4. Start using your new service


Good to know

Once your Telstra Pre-Paid service is active, you may need to recharge. Get more tips to manage your Pre-Paid service here.

What if I’m using an existing device?

If you're using your own device, you should first check;

  • Which size SIM card you’ll need. If you're not sure check the manufacturer's website or guide or visit your local Telstra store
  • That your device is unlocked and compatible with the Telstra mobile network. Some devices are locked to other providers. You will need to contact your provider to have your phone unlocked. You may be charged an unlocking fee for this
  • That your mobile supports Telstra’s network. Check the manufacturer's website or our online device guides.
  • That you have the correct data settings. These let you browse the internet, send emails or MMS. Many mobiles will have their settings updated automatically over the Telstra network. To find out if your settings are updated automatically, visit Mobile Support or check the manufacturer’s website.

Need more help?

Watch our video on How to activate your Pre-Paid SIM



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