Under Australian Consumer Law, on some sales you have a 10 business day cooling off period that allows you to change your mind and cancel a purchase or subscription without incurring a penalty.

Does Telstra have a cooling off period?

Yes - if you’re contacted by Telstra and we sell you a service:

  • You get a 10 business day cooling off period if we contact you offering you services that you have not requested, and you purchase something from us.
  • It’s called an ‘Unsolicited Consumer Agreement’, and it can happen over the phone or at your home.
  • If you change your mind inside the 10 business day cooling off period, you can cancel the purchase or subscription without penalty.

Is there a cooling off period if I bought in store or if I called a contact centre?

No – there’s no cooling off period if you contact Telstra yourself.

What if I changed my mind after I’ve signed up to a plan?

If you changed your mind about a recent purchase or sign up – whether it’s been 10 business days or longer - call us on 13 22 00 to discuss your options.






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