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Can I pay for a mobile phone or tablet in monthly instalments?

Yes – you can pay Telstra for a mobile handset in monthly instalments if you sign up to a ‘Device Payment Contract’ with an eligible post-paid mobile plan.


What is a Device Payment Contract?

  • A Device Payment Contract (DPC) lets you pay off your mobile or tablet in interest-free monthly repayments over 12 or 24 months while you have an eligible post-paid plan.
  • DPCs are available to new and existing Telstra customers with an eligible post-paid plan.
  • To check out our plans, click here.
  • You can only use a DPC to pay off your phone or tablet; your plan is billed separately. However, you must have an eligible post-paid plan, and can only have one DPC per plan at any time.
  • With selected mobile plans, you can receive a Device Plan Discount, which reduces the cost of your Device Payment Contract while you have that mobile plan. If you cancel the mobile plan, you will no longer receive the Device Payment Discount and will need to pay the remaining DPC payments in full.


Do I need to be on an eligible mobile contract?

Yes – you need a 12 or 24-month Device Payment Contract to pay for your phone in monthly instalments; however, your mobile plan does NOT need to be on a 12 or 24-month plan. You can have a DPC with one of our BYO or Casual post-paid Plans. You can also change your mobile plan to another eligible post-paid mobile plan without affecting your DPC repayments unless you have a Device Plan Discount.


How much will I end up paying on a Device Payment Contract?

  • On a DPC you’ll pay the full price of your mobile over 12 or 24 equal monthly repayments unless you have a Device Payment Discount.
  • If you cancel your mobile service with Telstra or want to end your DPC early, a once-off fee equal to the remaining device payments of the device will apply. You will not receive a Device Payment Discount in respect of any remaining payments.


How do I cancel my service if I signed up for a Mobile or Data Plan after 25 June 2019?

A Device Payment Contract (DPC) lets you pay off your mobile or tablet in interest-free monthly repayments over 24 or 36 months but only if you’ve signed up for a Mobile or Data Plan after 25 June 2019.

If you decide to disconnect your plan or end your DPC, you’ll be required to pay the balance of your remaining device repayments in one final payment.


You can check your remaining DPC balance here.

If you wish to proceed with cancelling your service give us a call on 13 22 00




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