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Can I change my mobile number?

Yes. You can change your Telstra mobile number. Just call us on 13 22 00.

We’ll provide you with a list of new numbers to choose from.


Can I get a number that’s easy to remember?

If you want something easy to remember for your family, friends and clients, consider getting a premium number.


What’s a Premium Number?

  • A Premium Number uses repeated digits, pairs and triplets so it’s easy to remember.
  • You can choose from our Gold or Silver range of Premium Numbers.
  • The cost varies depending on the Premium Number you choose.



Premium Numbers
Premium Numbers
Same Number
Six of the same
eg 999 999
Five of the same
eg 999 991
Numbers in sequence
Six in sequence
eg 234 567
Five in sequence
eg 3 23456
Triple Sets
Two identical triplets
eg 350 350

Double triplets
eg 333 555

Identical pairs
eg 004 008

Triple + Sequence
eg 111 123

Mirror Image
eg 350 053


Number pairs
Three identical pairs
eg 12 12 12
Three pairs
eg 11 88 55

Three pair series
eg 12 13 14





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