Telstra International Roaming is available in over 200 countries. Check the countries on your itinerary, and find out what the rates will be before you take off with our coverage map.

When you land…

We’ll send you an SMS with the rates you’ll pay in that country, and if you have International Roaming activated.  

Good to know:

  • International Roaming is automatically activated when you activate a Pre-Paid service.

Want a better value call rates overseas?
To get the better value on International call rates and International Roaming, move your Pre-Paid phone onto our Pre-Paid Extra™ plan before you leave.

Can I connect my mobile phone to another country’s network?

Yes – but you need to unlock your Pre-Paid phone from the Telstra mobile network first, before you can connect it to a service on an overseas carrier’s network.

Find out more about Unlocking your Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile Device here

We’ll tell you how much data you have used

While you’re roaming the world, we’ll send you free alerts via SMS to keep you up to date with your data usage.

  • With International Day Pass, you’ll receive an SMS when you’ve used 50%, 85%, and 100% of your data allowance
  • We’ll also send you an SMS for every $100 of Pay As You Go usage outside of any roaming data allowance.





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