How do I set up International Roaming using my International Day Pass?

What’s an International Day Pass?

An International Day Pass lets you use your Telstra mobile service while you are overseas, and save on roaming costs.

With an International Day Pass, you can make unlimited calls and SMS to standard numbers around the world (including Australia) while you are in one of these eligible countries.

Standard calls include most mobile and landline numbers, and excludes premium, directory assist and satellite numbers.


How does it work?

  • Set up your International Day Pass on the My Telstra appTelstra 24x7 app or Telstra 24x7 My Account prior to leaving Australia. International Roaming is automatically activated at the same time
  • You’ll only begin to pay for your International Day Pass once you start using your device at your destination
  • International Day Pass is only compatible with Telstra mobile services on a plan (Post-Paid). To find out how you can use your Pre-Paid device overseas, view our International Roaming with your Pre-Paid service support page.


What’s included?

  • Unlimited calls to standard International numbers while you are in one of the eligible countries (including Australia)
  • Unlimited SMS to standard International numbers while you are in one of the eligible countries (including Australia)
  • 500MB mobile data to use per day. Days are based on Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).


What if I go over 500MB?

If you exceed the daily allowance of 500MB, we’ll automatically give you 1GB top-ups for $10 each. These data top-ups are valid for 31 days and can be used while you are roaming in eligible countries.

Find out more about International Day Pass and eligible countries here.


What’s not included?

The following are not included, and will be charged at standard Pay As You Go Roaming rates:

  • Calls, SMS and data usage when you are in a country which is not an eligible country
  • MMS (Multimedia and Picture Messages)
  • Video Calls (including Facetime)
  • Third-Party content charges
  • Calls to Premium 190x Numbers
  • Premium SMS Services (e.g.: 19 xxx xxx)
  • Satellite Numbers
  • Operator-Assisted calls


Need help?

If you’re overseas and need support, you can contact us for help.

What if my destination isn’t covered?

If the country you’re going to is not eligible for an International Day Pass, you’ll be charged Pay As You Go rates. Once you have arrived, we’ll send you an SMS with the rates you’ll pay.

To find out what the International Roaming Pay As You Go rates are where you’re going, click here. You’ll need to scroll down to the world map and search for your destination or click on the country. This will display all applicable rates.


How do I enable my International Day Pass?

You can enable an International Day Pass with our self-help tools. These tools to manage and keep track of your usage are unmetered in Australia and overseas.


Via the My Telstra app

  1. Download or open the My Telstra app

  2. Select Services in the bottom bar then select your service to view more details

  3. Scroll down to International roaming and select Manage 

  4. Find Enable International Day Pass and toggle the button to switch it on


Via the Telstra 24x7 app

  1. Download the Telstra 24x7 app if you haven’t already. Note, downloading the app will count towards your data allowance, or incur data usage charges if you don't have a data allowance
  3. Sign in to the app with your Telstra ID
  5. Select the mobile service you want to use overseas
  7. Select International Usage 
  9. Read the information about International Day Pass
  11. Select Enable
  13. Select Confirm to proceed with adding the International Day Pass


Via Telstra 24x7 My Account

  1. Sign into Telstra 24X7 My Account using your Telstra ID and password
  3. If you have more than one account, you will need to select the relevant account from the blue bar at the top of the screen
  5. Select the mobile service you want to add an International Day Pass to
  7. Scroll down to International Day Pass and select Enable
  9. Select Confirm to proceed with adding the International Day Pass


Via Telstra My Plan Manager (mobile access only)

  1. Go to on the mobile device you want to use overseas
  3. Under Enable International Day Pass, select Find out more
  5. Select Enable International Day Pass
  7. If successful, select Return to My Usage Overseas
  9. If unsuccessful, try again in 5 minutes.


Good to know

  • International roaming will be automatically activated at the same time as your International Day Pass.
  • International Day Pass can take 15 minutes to 2 hours to activate.



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