How do I make calls from my mobile when I’m overseas?

To call another country, or to call home to Australia when you’re overseas, you need to have:


To call another country, start with ‘+’

So you’ve got International Roaming enabled and you know the country code? Now:

  1. Enter ‘+’. It’s on your device’s keypad, or your phone app: you usually hold down ‘0’

  2. Then the country code

  3. Then the number without the leading ‘0’.


To call an Australian Fixed Line while overseas:

+ 61 Area Code without the leading 0 Phone Number

For example: To call Telstra when you’re overseas from any country (02) 9242 0213, you’d dial +61 2 9242 0213


To call an Australian Mobile while overseas:

+ 61 Mobile Number without the leading 0

For example: To call Telstra when you’re overseas from any country on 0439 125 109, you’d dial +61 439 125 109



To call numbers in the country you’re in:

Call a local fixed line in the country you’re visiting:

Local Area Code Phone Number

Dialling the local number in international format will also work.


Call a local mobile in the country you’re visiting:

Mobile Number

Dial the number just as if you had a local mobile account.


Will MessageBank work while I’m overseas?
Yes – as long as you have International Roaming set up. Charges apply.

  • You’ll still get notified of MessageBank messages by SMS, just like you receive them in Australia.
  • To listen to your message, just follow the instructions in the SMS and dial 101 or #101#.


Good to know

#101# is not available on Pre-Paid mobiles.



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