International Roaming – Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing issues with International Roaming, please refer to the information below.


I can’t connect to an overseas network

It can take up to 10 minutes for your phone to connect to a mobile network overseas.

If you still haven’t connected by then, make sure that you have International Roaming activated. You can check this by connecting to Wi-Fi and logging in to your Telstra 24x7® App or Telstra 24x7 My Account.

Or free call us from a Telstra mobile, on +61 439 125 109


I can’t make calls or send SMS overseas

If you’re connected to an overseas network but you still can’t make calls or send SMS, check whether:

  • You have the right International Dialling Code for the number you’re calling, for example Australia is +61,
  • You service has been restricted due to non-payment or an overdue bill, or
  • You have insufficient credit to make a call or send the message, if you are using a Pre-Paid mobile service.


I can’t connect to the Internet overseas

If you can make calls while you are overseas, then your International Roaming is activated.
But if you can’t get onto the internet while overseas, you may have ‘Data Roaming’ disabled on your device. To activate data roaming on your device follow the instructions on our Mobile Support page.


Good to know

  • You don’t need to reset International Roaming when you travel from one country to another, it should roll over automatically.
  • International Roaming charges may differ from one country to another.



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