How can I reduce my phone bill while I’m travelling overseas?

All International Roaming usage charges will be incurred on top of your existing allowance, here are some tips to help reduce any costs associated with using your phone overseas.

If you notice a charge you don't recognise, you can dispute it here.


Cancel MessageBank

Before you leave, cancel MessageBank® and avoid being charged for hearing your messages. While you’re overseas, your voice messages will be converted to texts and sent to you. 


To cancel MessageBank:

When you’re back in Australia, dial 101 to set up MessageBank again, and follow the prompts.
Get help to set up, manage or cancel MessageBank


  • Dial #002# from your Telstra mobile and press Send/Call
  • You’ll get a message confirming your MessageBank has been cancelled.


Use Wi-Fi wherever you can

Take advantage of free Wi-Fi data at Telstra Air® Fon Spots in over 80 countries.

Just activate Telstra Air before you leave Australia.



Managing using mobile data usage overseas

  • Be aware of your usage
  • Streaming and downloading content on apps and sites such as Netflix, Stan, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube can use large amounts of mobile data in short periods of time.
  • Turn off automatic software updates or app updates
  • Turn off Location or GPS
  • Turn off apps you don't need
  • If possible, turn off your phone’s mobile data


You’ll still be able to connect to Wi-Fi, and you can always turn mobile data back on when you need to use it.


Save content you want offline

Before you leave, make things you want to have handy, like maps, music, TV shows and movies, available offline.

  • Avoid using your device as a Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Only use Facetime when you’re on Wi-Fi


Good to know

You may be able to use a different SIM in your phone while you’re overseas and join another network. However, if you are on Pre-Paid you may need to unlock your phone first. 

Follow the unlocking instructions here.

Need to talk to us from overseas?

To speak with us urgently while you’re overseas, free call +61 439 125 109 from your Telstra service.




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