How can I extend my mobile device’s battery life?


Set your screen to timeout after inactivity

Screen backlights use a lot of energy. 30 seconds is recommended.


Turn OFF your GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you’re not using them.

When they're on, your phone constantly searches for your location and open networks; this has a big impact on battery life.


Turn down the screen brightness

Some devices automatically adjust screen brightness based on the light around them. To conserve battery you can turn this off and manually adjust the brightness when required.


Close your applications

On smartphones, returning to the ‘home' screen doesn’t close your apps; they just keep running in the background. You have to close apps fully to save power;

for iPhone and iPad devices, double press the home button to bring up all your active apps – then ‘exit’ from there to close them.

for Android devices, press the Application key and either press ‘Close All’ or manually close each app you don’t want running in the background.


Use Power Save Mode on your Android device.

Devices such as Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel have a ‘Power Save Mode’ you can set permanently, or on a timer. Check your device manual.






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