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How can I be smarter with my mobile data?

Below are some handy tips on how to get the most out of your mobile data:


Use Wi-Fi whenever you can

  • Connect to Wi-Fi when you’re watching videos, streaming music or downloading pictures as they can use lots of data. This includes connecting to a Telstra Air® Wi-Fi hotspot when you’re out and about.  


Turn off your mobile data

  • If you’re watching or listening on your mobile, your device might choose to use mobile data even when you think it’s connected to Wi-Fi.
  • To make sure it keeps using available Wi-Fi, go to the settings menu and turn off mobile data. You'll still be able to send and receive text messages and calls.
  • For more help turning off your mobile data/cellular data, visit Mobile Support.


Limit sending and receiving files and ‘push notifications’

  • Sending and receiving files and attachments like pictures, documents, videos or music by email can use lots of data.
  • Change your settings, so you receive emails less often; for example, select every hour. Or even choose to do it manually.
  • Your devices are probably also set to push notifications - which means real-time email downloads, and constant checking for new emails and new apps. All of which uses even more data.
  • Go into settings and deactivate push notifications.


Delete email messages that won’t send

  • If an email won’t leave your Outbox, your device may be continually trying to send it - and each new attempt uses more data.
  • Delete any messages left in your Outbox, and either try again with a new email or try another platform like Gmail, Outlook or another Mobile Email App.


Send big files when connected via Wi-Fi

  • Sending large email files uses lots of data. Instead, try sending via a Wi-Fi connection.


Limit Facebook, YouTube, Skype, gaming and browsing

  • Checking Facebook and browsing generally uses lots of data due to video streaming. Gaming can also contribute towards your data usage. Find out what things use the most data.
  • If you have a mobile on a plan, you can increase your data allowance with a Data Pack.
  • If you are a Pre-Paid customer, add a Plus Pack that meets your usage requirements.


Estimate how much you need with our Data Usage Calculator.



Good to know

You can turn mobile data/cellular data back on any time, to use the internet or check your email.




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