What is the AFL Live App?

  • If you’re an AFL fan, this app keeps you up to date with the all latest news, replays, trades and transfers in AFL.
  • The Telstra AFL Live App covers every team in the league - plus with an AFL Live Pass, you can watch every game throughout the season including the finals data-free if you’re an eligible Telstra customer.


What about the different club apps?

  • Telstra provides the apps for all of the AFL Clubs.
  • You can get your club’s app from Google Play or the App Store.


What is the AFL Live Pass?

The AFL Live Pass gives you access to every AFL game, every week within Australia. To find out more, visit AFL Live Pass.


How do I take up the Live Pass offer?

If you’re an eligible Telstra mobile customer, you can take up the Live Pass offer by:

  1. Downloading or updating the AFL Live app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Data fees apply to download the app.

  2. Open the app and follow the prompts to the welcome screen

  3. Select 'Free for Telstra Mobile customers'

  4. If you’re an eligible Telstra mobile customer*, you’ll see a ‘congratulations’ screen telling you that you‘ve now got access to the app.

  5. Start watching!


Good to know

*If you are an eligible Telstra Mobile customer but we didn’t detect that, don’t worry. Try these fixes:

  • You may be on Wi-Fi - turn off your Wi-Fi and connect another way
  • Login with your Telstra ID
  • Make sure your mobile browser has private/incognito mode switched OFF, so we can find your mobile network.

Will you tell me when my Live Pass offer expires?

Yes. Telstra or the AFL will send you an email when your offer is about to expire.


Will I be charged once my offer expires?

Yes. You will then be charged monthly for your AFL Live Pass. But if you decide you don’t want to pay for it, you can cancel it before you get charged.


Can I watch my AFL Live content on another device?

  • Yes. Your subscription can be shared across multiple compatible devices linked to the unique Apple ID or Google ID.
  • Live streaming limited to 7” viewing size. Check the terms and conditions, and supported devices here.


Why not?

  • Because under our digital rights agreement with the Australian Football League, casting/mirroring and any form of external video output of streamed content is not permitted and is not provided as part of any AFL Live Pass.


Do I have to pay for data downloads?

Yes - standard data charges apply when downloading and using the app. For eligible Telstra customers, streaming video content in the app will not count towards your data allowance providing you are connected to the app via:

  • Telstra ADSL/Cable/nbn™ broadband
  • Telstra mobile devices connected to the Telstra Mobile network (excludes BigPond Wireless Broadband and International Roaming).


Good to know

  • Streaming video in the app via Telstra Air® does count towards your data allowance.

Will I be billed for the AFL Live Pass Offer?

No – if you take up the Live Pass offer for Telstra mobile customers. You won’t see it on your bill.


What if I’ve already paid for it, but I want to take up the Live Pass offer?

  1. If you signed up via AFL.com:
  2. You can still take up our AFL Live Pass offer, but you’ll also need to login and cancel your paid subscription via the website.

  3. If you signed up via the AFL Live Official App:
  4. You can still take up our AFL Live Pass offer, but if you’ve already signed-up for a paid subscription through the App Store or Google Play, you’ll need to cancel it via the relevant app store.


What happens to my Club membership?

You’ll need to contact your Club to discuss details of your Club membership.

Can I watch AFL Live Pass on my mobile?

It depends on the type of mobile device you have. To find out if your mobile device is compatible, check here.


What if it says ‘External Display Not Allowed’?

  • The AFL Live App may be having issues. Wait a few minutes and try again.
  • Your mobile device may not be compatible; check the device list here.
  • If your phone is on the compatible list but you still can’t see anything, you can troubleshoot it yourself by posting the problem on Telstra CrowdSupport.


Why is my AFL Live stream not full screen?

  • As part of our digital rights agreement with the AFL, live match videos on mobiles and tablets can be no more than 7 inches diagonally.
  • You can watch replays and highlights as big as you like, 12 hours after the match ends.
Need more help?
Watch our video on how to download the AFL Official App and redeem your AFL Live Pass.



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