An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a battery back-up for a compatible Telstra Smart Modem. It can provide power for a Telstra Smart Modem for up to four hours in the event of a mains electricity outage.

This means your Smart Modem will remain online for up to four hours in the event of an electricity outage at your address allowing you to use your home phone line (if it's connected via the nbn™ network).

I have Priority Assist, can I get a UPS for my Telstra Smart Modem?

All eligible Priority Assist customers who have a home phone connected via the nbn network can get a complimentary UPS for the Telstra Smart Modem to help stay connected in the event of a power outage.

What handsets will work with the UPS for Telstra Smart Modem?

Handsets that plug directly into the mains power, as well those that use a Telstra Voice Extender or any other form of DECT extender that requires mains power will not work with the UPS. Check with the handset manufacturer if you’re unsure.

Important: The Telstra Smart Modem Gen 3 does not include a cordless phone base station (DECT) so can’t be paired with a phone or voice extender.  The Easy Control TEC-C cordless phone and T1000S can connect directly to the DC socket on the UPS for Telstra Smart Modem Gen 3.

Compatible handsets Telstra Smart Modem Gen 1 Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 Telstra Smart Modem Gen 3

T-Voice 502

Yes Yes No

T-Voice 503

Yes Yes No

Yes Yes Yes

Telstra Voice Extender

Yes Yes No

Easy Control Cordless

Yes Yes Yes

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