This article explains what counts as an answered call versus an unanswered call, and whether you’ll be charged.

You are only charged for calls that are answered, including calls you make to any of the following:

Telstra charges when:

Your call goes through to:

  • A person
  • An answering machine
  • A message service
  • A fax machine
  • A data modem
  • A call diversion machine
  • A recorded information service like the time or weather
  • A switchboard – even if you’re put through to an extension that doesn’t answer

Telstra also charges for:

  • Automatic calls from your alarm to a security company
  • If you accept a 1800Reverse call
  • Call types that are not included in your plan

Does Telstra charge for very short calls?

 Yes. Telstra charges even if:

  • You call a wrong number then hang up immediately after it answers
  • The call goes to messages and you hang up before the greeting, or before you leave a message
  • The person who answers hangs up immediately
  • You hear the person pick up just as you replace the receiver.

Telstra doesn’t charge when:

  • No one answers
  • The line is busy
  • You call a Freecall 1800 number from an Australian landline
  • You make a reverse charge call
  • You call some Telstra service numbers like 13 22 00.



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