What is Priority Assist?

Priority Assist is a service available to eligible customers who have their fixed phone service with Telstra. 

This service is available to customers, or a person living at their home, who have a diagnosed life-threatening medical condition, and whose life may be at risk if they don’t have access to a working phone line service.

If a registered Priority Assist Customer reports a problem with their home phone line and doesn’t have another working phone service (either from Telstra or another provider), we'll attend to the fault with the highest practicable level of service.

For Priority Assist Customers who need a phone line connected at their address for the first time, we’ll connect their service as quickly as practicable.

Need more info?

View our dedicated Priority Assist page for more information, to check your eligibility and to apply for Priority Assist online, or by post. When you apply online, you will receive a response to your application within 5-7 business day.  




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