What is our unlisted service option?

With an unlisted service option (previously referred to as a Silent Line), your home phone number and address details will not be included in the White Pages® (in print and online), and will be excluded from Telstra Directory Assistance. This is often referred to as a private number.

As well as choosing your directory listing option, you can also choose whether to have Caller Identification enabled on your home phone service.

Your Caller ID preference determines whether your phone number is visible to people you call from your landline.

How can I change my Directory Listing or Caller ID preferences?

Manage via Web/on Telstra.com

  1. Sign in to My Telstra
  2. On the Homepage, find your service in the Account overview section tab at the top of the screen, then click select the Manage link
  3. Under the Your Plan heading, select click the Manage link
  4. Scroll down to Privacy Settings Features, to Caller Identification under Features and select Manage
  5. Choose your preferences and click Submit.

Manage in the My Telstra app

  1. Download or open the My Telstra app
  2. Tap on the Services tab in the bottom bar and select the service you'd like to view
  3. Scroll down to Your Bundle and select Manage
  4. Scroll down to Privacy Settings and select Manage
  5. Choose your preferences and click Submit

Temporary Caller ID blocking

You can choose to hide your number from being displayed on outgoing calls – either on a call-by-call basis, or permanently.


To block on a call-by-call basis

From your home phone: dial 1831, then the number you are calling.


To unblock on a call-by-call basis (if your number is permanently blocked)
From your home phone: dial 1832, then the number you are calling.


To permanently block your number from displaying, call us on 13 22 00 to discuss your options.

You can check if your number is being displayed to callers by calling 127 220 from your home phone and listening to the announcement.


What does it cost?

There is no additional change for our unlisted service option. Before 18 February 2018, a Silent Line cost $2.93 per month.

Important facts:

  • Our unlisted service option won’t stop telemarketers calling your home phone.


How do I stop telemarketing calls?

To stop receiving telemarketing calls, you can register your details on the Australian Government’s Do Not Call Register. Telstra does not operate this register.


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