A Lead In is the telecommunication cable that usually runs underground in a small trench from the street to the wall of your house.

You will need to check what technology type you can get at your address.

If you need an nbn™ Lead-In:

  1. You need to know what type of nbn technology will be used to connect your services. Check your address now.
  2. If you need an underground Lead-In, this should be done by a qualified contractor. They’ll need to follow the nbn Preparing a Property checklist

If you need a copper or cable Lead-In:


Place your order

  • Advise the Telstra agent that you require a new Lead-In


A Telstra specialist will call you to:

  • Confirm your Lead-In requirements
  • Provide trenching specifications so you know where to dig your trench


Telstra’s preferred contractor will then call you to:

  • Find out when you expect to have your trench ready
  • Book an appointment to install a Lead-In pipe and cabling for when your trench is ready


Dig your trench

  • Contact Dial Before You Dig on 1100 or https://www.1100.com.au/
  • You may dig the trench yourself, but it’s preferable to have a qualified contractor dig it for you
  • If you use a contractor to dig your lead in, the cost of trenching work is agreed between you and your contractor


Telstra’s preferred contractor will install a Lead-In pipe and cabling into your trench

  • The cost of the Lead-In pipe and cabling is included in the Connection Charge on your Telstra bill


Backfill your trench

  • You may do this yourself, or pay a contractor to do it for you
  • The cost of trenching work is agreed between you and your chosen contractor


Get connected

  • Your service activation may be automatic, or you may require a Telstra technician appointment – we’ll let you know during the order process.


Good to know:

  • These steps are for an underground Lead-In. If you need an aerial Lead-In, a Telstra specialist will discuss the required steps with you.

How much will a Lead-In trench cost me?

If you need new cabling to your property and you need a new Lead-In trench, getting that trench dug is your responsibility.

  • If you’re not going to do the trench work yourself, you will need to pay a private contractor to dig it for you.
  • The cost of trench digging will vary depending on the property. Ask your contractor for an estimate. 




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