In most areas, Telstra’s fixed phone network will be replaced by the nbn network.

If you live in an area where the fixed nbn network is rolled out, if you still want a home phone you’ll need to connect to the nbn network.

How long do I have to switch to a service on the nbn network?

Once the nbn network is available at your address, you’ll have 18 months to switch. If you don’t, your home phone will be disconnected.

How do I know if services on the nbn network are available in my area?

  • Click here
  • Call 1800 834 273 and select option 1

Will my alarm work with a service on the nbn network?

Ask your alarm company if your alarm will work the type of nbn network infrastructure available at your address.

You should check this if you have a:

  • medical alarm
  • back-to-base security alarm
  • monitored fire alarm
  • lift emergency phone

Good to know:

  • We recommend you register your medical alarm with nbn co.

To register:

  • Click here
  • Call 1800 227 300 between 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.




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