MessageBank® is your personal answering service. You can personalise your greetings and listen to your messages when you’re not at home. It’s included at no cost in some of our plans and on nbn and 4G fixed services.

You can also extend your ring time so you have more time to answer the phone before your calls reach MessageBank®.

Set up


How do I extend my ring time?

Your unanswered calls are usually forwarded to MessageBank after 20 seconds, or about seven rings. However, you can change this to anything from five to 55 seconds.

To change the time before a call is forwarded:

  1. Dial 101*99
  2. Enter (time in seconds)
  3. Followed by the # key
  4. Hang up.

MessageBank is available in most areas in Australia.

If you have a personal alert system (such as a medical alert device), call us on 13 22 00 to make sure it’s compatible with the service.