What's in this article? MessageBank®

Telstra Home Messages 101


How do I manage my home phone messaging service?

How you manage your home phone messages will depend on what message service you are using:

  • MessageBank®

  • Telstra Home Messages 101

You can easily add, remove or change your MessageBank service or reset your MessageBank PIN using our online form. You can also find information on how to extend the ring time on your phone before calls reach your MessageBank. Access the form here.


Good to know

This form is not available for customers connected on the NBN or Digital Office Technology (DOT).
If you are connected to the NBN, dial *99# to turn on MessageBank or #99# to turn off MessageBank. There is no monthly cost. If you are on Digital Office Technology (DOT), dial 101 from your phone and follow the prompts.

How do I get MessageBank®?

If you’re on the nbn network, you already have MessageBank® included in your plan. The special stutter dial tone means MessageBank® is active. 

Please note, unless MessageBank® is included in your plan, there is an additional charge for it.

Find out more about MessageBank®


How do I set up MessageBank®?

  1. Call 125 101 and follow the prompts. You’ll be asked to:
  3. Enter the last 6 digits of your phone number
  5. Create a new 6-digit PIN
  7. Record your name followed by a greeting


If you are on the nbn network and your MessageBank® is inactive, you can turn it on by dialling *99#.


How do I change my MessageBank® PIN?

  1. Dial 101
  3. Press 3 for Mailbox Set-up
  5. Press 3 for PIN
  7. Enter your new 6-digit PIN and press #


How do I change my MessageBank® greeting?

  1. Dial 101
  3. Press 3 for Mailbox Set-up
  5. Press 1 for PIN
  7. Press to record a Greetings new greeting


How can I hear my messages when I’m not home?

  • From another Telstra phone or mobile, call 125 102
  • From a non-Telstra phone or mobile, call 1800 135 102
  • From outside Australia, call +61 418 707 101


When prompted:

  1. Enter your mailbox number (your phone number including the area code)
  3. Press #
  5. Enter your PIN
  7. Press #


Can I get a text when someone leaves a message on my home phone?

Yes. To set this up, dial 101 from your home phone and follow the prompts.


How do I extend the ring time before calls go to MessageBank®?

Your phone is set to ring for 20 seconds before it goes to MessageBank®.  You can increase it up to 55 seconds.

To extend the ring time:

  1. Dial * 99
  3. Enter the number of seconds you want. Go up in 5’s
  5. Press #


How do I cancel MessageBank®?


If you’d like to cancel MessageBank® use our convenient online form or:

  1. Dial 125 101
  3. Press 5 to cancel MessageBank®
  5. Listen to the cancellation message
  7. Press to confirm  


If you’re on the nbn network, turn off by dialling #99# from your home phone. You’ll also be charged if you use your mobile to listen to your messages.


Good to know

You’ll be charged if you use your mobile to listen to your messages.

How do I use Telstra Home Messages 101?

To turn on Telstra Home Messages 101, or to retrieve messages, dial 101 from your home phone and follow the prompts.


How do I turn off Home Messages 101?

  • Dial 101
  • Press 3 for ‘Mailbox Set-up’
  • Press #


Good to know

  • Telstra Home Messages 101 doesn’t work on the nbn network.
  • Telstra Home Messages 101 will start working within 72 hours. You'll hear a special stutter dial tone when you have new messages.

Need more help?

Watch this video to help you extend the ring tone of your home phone.



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