How do I activate Calling Number Display?

To activate in My Telstra app:  

  1. Sign in to My Telstra app with your Telstra ID
  2. Go to Services
  3. Select home phone
  4. Select view or manage plan
  5. Select change your plan
  6. Select manage privacy settings and choose manage
  7. Select caller ID On or Off and submit

Alternatively you can call us on 13 22 00. 

How will Calling Number Display work?

Whenever your phone rings, the display screen shows the caller’s number.

Can I add names instead of seeing the number display?

Some phones, including our T1000C Calling Number Display and CR2000MK11 cordless phones, can be programmed with a short list of numbers and names. When they recognise a phone number, they’ll display the name from your list instead.

Can I store numbers so I can call back later?

If you’re busy or not sure who’s calling, you can store the number and return the call later. Storing or logging some numbers is a standard feature on most display phones. 

Why is my Call Number Display not working?

Calling Number Display won’t work if the call is from: 

  • Private callers who’ve chosen to hide  their numbers 
  • Overseas callers using international numbers 
  • Callers using telco provides who don’t use Calling Number Display 
  • Callers using a payphone. 

What shows up on the display screen if I can’t see the caller’s number?

You’ll just see ‘private’ or ‘withheld’, ‘unavailable’ or ‘out of area’, ‘payphone’ or ‘call forward’ on your screen instead. If the call has been diverted to you, you’ll still see the originating caller’s number.

What other features are included in Calling Number Display?

Call Waiting Display

Some display telephones have Call Waiting Display, which lets you see the number of a second caller when you’re already on the phone (unless the number is blocked). 

Call record logging

Most phones that support Calling Number Display also support call record logging. However, capacity varies, so please check the user manual for your phone. 

Individual Call Blocking (temporary)

Call Blocking is free and lets you block your number from being presented on an individual call. When you’re calling from a Telstra home phone, just add 1 8 3 1 to the front of the number when you dial. 

Line Blocking (permanent)

Line Blocking stops your number from being sent whenever you make calls. Permanent Line Blocking is automatically included for unlisted numbers (silent line or private number) and is available on request for listed services. You can override Line Blocking on individual calls by adding 1 8 3 2 before the number when you dial from a Telstra home phone. Calling Number Display is available on most tone phones in Australia, and a monthly changes may apply based on the plan you’re on. Please read our customer terms for more details. 

Good to know:

Phones with Call Waiting Display will mute the receiver for one to two seconds while the details of the caller’s number are sent to the telephone. This may cause a brief interruption to the conversation. Occasionally, some telephones may mistakenly respond to a caller’s voice or external noise causing a ‘false muting’.

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