Lag in online games is commonly caused by the distance from you to the host or server of your game. Geo-Filter allows you to specify which areas of the world you wish to connect to, meaning you can stop connections to laggy hosts before they happen.

By setting a distance limit from your home you will only connect to players or servers closer to you and the effect on your game should be improved response time and fairer gameplay.

Getting started

Turn off your game if it's currently running. It is not always essential to do this, but for a game like Call Of Duty or Apex Legends, it is vital you make your Geo-Filter changes before booting up the game.

Click Add Device and select your device. If your device is not listed, make sure it is connected to the Smart Modem. Select the game you will be playing. Geo-Filter will tell you whether Filtering Mode is suggested for your chosen game.

Geo-Filter add device prompt screen shot, displaying Show All Devices option, example device listing, cancel and next buttons

Geo-Filter what game are you playing prompt screen shot, displaying example game select list

Geo-Filter filtering mode prompt screen shot, displaying back, do not filter and continue buttons

The reason we have two modes is that almost all console games and some PC games benefit from Filtering because you cannot choose the server within the game. But this is not true for every game, e.g. League of Legends, CS:GO, Battlefield etc, where you can choose the server.  So for these games you just want Spectating Mode. 

Set your home

  1. Click on the Home Pin icon 
  2. Click on where you are located on the map
  3. The radius blocks all hosts outside its range. Set the size using the Distance slider.

Geo-Filter set your home screen shot, displaying the set home button in the interface

Polygon mode

  1. Alternatively, you can draw filter shapes on the map by enabling Polygon Mode
  2. Click the Pencil icon to draw shapes 
  3. Click the Delete icon to remove shapes. 

Geo-Filter polygon mode screen shot, displaying an example use of the polygon mode drawing allowed inside of shape around eastern Australia and New Zealand

Start gaming

Blocked connections outside of your radius will appear as warning triangles. Take a look at the Geo-Filter legend in the top right hand corner of the Geo-Filter to confirm what icons mean.

Ping graph

Ping shows the connection quality (latency) from you to the connection you have selected on the map. This is measured in milliseconds. 

With Auto Ping Host enabled in the Geo-filter submenu, you can automatically ping your game's host and unlock advanced connection statistics like Tickrate.

Geo-Filter context menu screen shot, showing kilometres / miles setting and flush cloud button

A ping of <50ms is considered to be good for gaming online.

Geo-Filter ping graph in progress screenshot, showing an example ping test a well performing game server with allow and deny button options

Allow and deny

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