How do I get my Foxtel from Telstra service in another room?

Simple – you can do this one of two ways:

  1. By adding extra Foxtel boxes to your subscription with Multiroom
  2. By adding a Multiscreen subscription


What’s the difference between Multiroom and Multiscreen?


Multiroom requires you to purchase an additional set top unit to watch Foxtel in additional rooms. You will need the appropriate wall plate set up in the other room(s) you want to watch Foxtel in to connect the new Multiroom set top unit.



A Multiscreen subscription allows you to stream your Foxtel GO app on select smart TV’s and other connected devices. It also includes the ability to mirror content from your Foxtel GO app onto the big screen via a casting device (e.g. Chromecast or Apple TV Airplay), a TV which supports Chromecast or Apple TV, or a Smart TV. These Multiscreen features come included when you take up a Multiroom set top unit or upgrade to the Platinum Plus package.  


Does it cost more to do this? 

  • Yes, there’s an additional monthly charge when you take up Multiroom or Multiscreen; you’ll be quoted an amount when you order.
  • There may also be additional installation and equipment fees when taking up Multiroom. 


How do I get Foxtel Multiroom or Multiscreen?


Contact us and say ‘Foxtel’.



You can add a Multiscreen subscription via My Account. Alternatively, you can contact us and say ‘Foxtel’. Remember – if you already have Multiroom (i.e. more than 1 one Set Top Unit) then you can automatically access the Multiscreen function already at no extra cost.




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