What do I do if my Telstra Mail® email is de-activated?

Why was my Telstra Mail® email de-activated?

Your email has been de-activated because you haven’t used it for 180 days but don’t worry, just follow the below steps to get it reactivated.

To keep your Telstra Mail® email account active you need sign into Telstra webmail directly - or remotely using an email program - at least once every 180 days.


How do I re-activate my email?

There are two ways to reactivate your email account:


It takes about 30 minutes for us to re-activate your account.


Can I re-activate my old BigPond email?

You can re-activate your old BigPond Mailbox using the steps above.  


Good to know

Your Telstra Mail® account can be re-activated providing it has not been de-activated for more than six months.



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