How do I use the calendar features of Telstra Mail®?

  1. Select Calendar
  2. Click the New Event
  3. Enter in the event’s details
  4. Click Save

Share Calendar

  1. Select Calendar
  2. Hover your cursor over the calendar in the left-hand navigation – and then select the icon that appears for Share this calendar
  3. Add the email address of the person you want to share with
  4. Select their permission option (i.e. View Only or View and Edit)
  5. Click Add to add them to the Calendar Sharing List
  6. Tick the checkbox if you want to allow anyone to subscribe to your View Only calendar (optional)
  7. Select Save - A notification will be sent to your invitees to view your calendar

Find an event to check its location

  1. Select Calendar
  2. In Search Calendar enter in the event’s name or a keyword in relation to the event
  3. Select enter or use the magnifying glass icon
  4. Click on the event in the search results to display its details (including location if included)





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