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Can I locate devices with a Pre-Paid mobile service?

Yes, Telstra Pre-Paid mobile devices can be located using Telstra Device Locator.

Can I locate Wi-Fi only enabled tablets?

No. Only iOS or Android devices that have a Telstra SIM enabled can be located using Telstra Device Locator.

Will Telstra Device Locator tell me the last known location of my device if it is turned off or out of range?

Yes, Telstra Device Locator will let you know the last time and location your device was active or in range. 

What is the difference between Telstra Device Locator and Telstra Locator?

Telstra Locator™ (coming soon) is a subscription service that allows you to locate important items, pets and devices on one map within the app. Customers need to have a Telstra mobile on a plan to add the subscription to their service.

The Telstra Device Locator is a feature in the Telstra 24x7® App which allows you to locate devices under your Telstra account.

Telstra Device Locator allows you to locate both Android and iOS Pre-Paid and mobiles on a plan under your Telstra account all within the same app.

Does the Telstra Device Locator feature work on Wi-Fi or a non-Telstra mobile network? 

Telstra Device Locator allows you to locate your lost SIM-enabled devices (smart phones or tablets) on your Telstra account when they’re connected to the Telstra Mobile network or an active Wi-Fi network.

I can’t see my device on the Telstra Device Locator, why?             

There are a few reasons why your device has stopped being visible.

The device could be:

  • Switched off
  • Out of battery
  • The device user may have stopped sharing their location with you. You’ll still be able to see the time and last known location of the device. ‘Not Sharing’ will be displayed against the device if sharing had been turned off.

For more information, see Telstra Device Locator.

How accurate is the location of the device I’m locating on the Telstra Device Locator map?

The pin on the Telstra Device Locator map is accurate to within a 30-metre radius if the GPS antenna on the device is unobstructed by the physical environment. If the physical environment obstructs the device's GPS antenna, such as by a tunnel, the accuracy of the device location is within a 50-metre radius. 

Is there a limit to how many devices I can locate with my Telstra Device Locator?

There is no device limit for personal customers. The Device Locator supports all mobile services under your Telstra ID (account). 

Do I need location services turned on all the time?

In order for Telstra Device Locator to locate your device if you lose it, you must choose “ALWAYS” when enabling Location Permissions on your device.  If you do not allow location permissions, or, you set location permissions to “only when using Telstra 24x7”, Device Locator will not work correctly.

Can I use Telstra Device Locator overseas?

Yes. To use Telstra Device Locator overseas, ensure you have international roaming activated on all mobile services and devices with Device Locator enabled.

Your Telstra SIM card must be in the device originally used to enable Device Locator.

Standard international roaming and data charges apply.

What functionality can I control remotely on the devices I am locating?                 

If your lost device has Telstra Device Locator enabled, you can message it with instructions that’ll display on screen if someone finds it. You can also play a sound on your lost device to help locate it. For Android devices, this sound will play even if the device is muted or silenced. You can’t change the sound or tone of your device remotely.

If your device doesn’t have location services enabled, is out of mobile range, switched off or out of battery you’ll be unable to message or get a real-time location for your device remotely. 

You’re not able to turn on location services or wipe your device’s data remotely.

What should I do if I upgrade or change my phone?

With any new device, you’ll need to set up the Device Locator.

  1. Ensure your Telstra SIM card is in the device
  2. Download the Telstra 24x7® app and sign in with your Telstra ID
  3. Enable Telstra Device Locator in the Telstra 24x7® app

You’ll find information about how to activate your Device Locator at Telstra Device Locator

My lost device is on silent. Will it still make a sound when I activate the play sound/tone function?            

The ability for the Device Locator feature to play a sound is dependent on the operating system of your device.

If it’s an Android device, however, a sound will be played even if the device has been silenced or muted.

The sound played is determined by the Telstra 24x7® App. The sound will play for 10 seconds and won’t be the same as the ringtone of your device.  

Can I block data and calls on my lost device via the Telstra Device Locator?




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