How do I change the location of my Telstra Smart Modem?

Each nbn technology type has a different Network Boundary Point, this is where nbn co’s cabling ends, and yours begins. The technology type at your home, will determine what changes can be made to your in home wiring. A registered cabler can connect a new LAN or phone outlet for a fee, so you can relocate the Telstra Smart Modem.

Can I move my telephone to another room?

When your service is switched to the nbnᵀᴹ network, your telephone handset needs to be plugged into your smart modem located next to the nbn co connection box. Any other existing phone outlets in the house will no longer be active.

If you’d like to use these outlets or install new phone outlets, you’ll need to engage a registered cabler for a fee. You can find more information on registered cablers at the ACMA website.

Or you can use a phone that comes with wireless handsets.


The following diagrams outline the different technology types on the nbn network.

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