Netgear Powerline

How powerline extenders work:

  • Powerline Extenders come with 2 units, one that plugs into a power point near your modem and one that plugs into a power point near your internet enabled device.
  • When you plug an Ethernet cable from your modem into the extender, it creates a network connection through the property’s electrical wiring to the second extender near your device. 
  • By plugging your device into the second extender with another Ethernet cable, you create a wired network connection between your modem and the connected device.
  • A Powerline Extender is ideal for devices that need a wired internet connection rather than a Wi-Fi connection, such as a Blu-ray player, set top box or desktop computer.

How to get the best performance:

  • Make sure both of your extenders are plugged into the same electrical circuit. This is important, because the signal travels along your property’s electrical wiring.
  • Avoid using a power board, extension cord or surge protector – instead, plug both extenders directly into wall sockets.
  • Don’t plug the extenders into a power point close to appliances that uses a lot of power like washers, dryers, or refrigerators.


To set up your Powerline Extender:

  1. Plug one extender into a power point close to your modem. 
  2. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into this extender, and the other end into a spare Ethernet (LAN) port in your modem as shown:
  3.    Wifi Gateway

    Powerline Ethernet Hub Priority Port

  4. Plug the second extender into a power point near the device you want to send the signal to.
  5. Connect the extender to the device with an Ethernet cable.
  6. On the second extender, press ‘Pair’ to connect it with the first extender.
  7. When the units are paired, all 3 status lights will turn green. 





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