Telstra Broadband Protect is an add-on for your home broadband that gives you automatic protection from websites hosting known malware, malicious content and scams

With Telstra Broadband Protect, you can also download Anti-Virus Security Plus on up to 6 devices.

How much does it cost?

Telstra Broadband Protect is included at no cost with new home broadband bundles purchased after 30 June 2015.

If you have an older bundle or a standalone broadband service, you can buy Telstra Broadband Protect for $9.95 per month on a month to month basis.

Is it the same as Telstra Online Security?

Telstra Broadband Protect replaces Telstra Online Security. To upgrade from Telstra Online Security to Telstra Broadband Protect’s suite of security products, call us on 132200.

What kind of protections are included?

Network Protection

This is automatically activated on Telstra-supplied modems when you subscribe to Telstra Broadband Protect as part of your bundle.

Network Protection helps protect every device connected to your Telstra modem by scanning incoming traffic from the internet and automatically blocking anything suspicious. Find out how to use network protection.

Parental Controls

This helps you manage your children’s safety and exposure online. Parental Controls can help to provide protection for the entire household while they are online at home, as long as the devices your children are using are connected to your Telstra Gateway modem. Find out how to use parental controls.

Social Network Protection

This helps you manage your child’s experience online. You can receive alerts about potential cyber-bullying, bad language and any contact with someone outside their known circles on supported social networks. Find out how to use social network protection.

Anti-Virus Plus Security and Safe Browser

Anti-Virus Plus Security helps keep your devices free from known viruses, spyware and other threats. It can be installed on up to six compatible Mac and PC computers and Android devices, to help protect your personal and financial data.

Safe Browser reduces the risk of personal and financial information being stolen when you make online transactions. It can be installed as part of the Anti-Virus Plus Security software package, or on its own. Find out How to Install and Use Safe Browser.

Good to know:

  • Do not use Anti-Virus Plus Security in conjunction with any other Anti-Virus software, as it can cause conflicts. Find out How to install and use Anti-Virus Plus Security.
  • Telstra Broadband Protect Network Protection and Parental Controls won’t protect your devices when they’re connected using Telstra Air.
  • Telstra Broadband Protect Anti-Virus Plus Security and Safe Browser can’t be installed on iPhones, iPads and Windows phone devices.
  • Telstra Broadband Protect is not compatible with the mobile back up connection on  Telstra Gateway Frontier®/Telstra Smart Modem™, or other Telstra Mobile Broadband services on our Telstra mobile networks.






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