Network Protection:

  • If you can still navigate to malicious websites, switch your modem* off at the wall, then switch it on again. This is ‘power cycling’. *Network Protection works through your modem
  • Make sure your Network Protection Level is set to ‘Default Protection’ and not ‘Lowered Protection’. You can do this via Telstra 24x7 My Account.
  • Find out more about How to use Network Protection.

Parental Controls:

  • If ‘Access’ or ‘Homework Time Restrictions’ are the problem, remove and reapply the restriction
  • If that does not solve it, turn Parental Controls ‘OFF’, wait for up to 24hrs, then turn back ON
  • If blocking websites or notifications is the problem, removing these settings, then reapply them
  • Find out more about How to use Parental Controls.


Still having trouble?

  • If none of the above options work, deactivate Telstra Broadband Protect, wait 24 hours, and then reactivate it. You can do this via Telstra 24x7 My Account, the My Telstra app or the Telstra 24x7 app
  • Find out more about How to activate Telstra Broadband Protect
  • If the above suggestions do not assist you can contact our technical support team on 133 933





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