One of the most effective ways to stop malicious software from attacking your computers and devices is to have up to date security software installed on all your computers and devices.

To protect your computers and devices against malware make sure you:

  • Run a full scan on all your computers and devices regularly
  • Set your computers and devices to automatically install security updates for your operating system and other apps
  • Remove or quarantine any malware detected on your computers and devices
  • Don’t click on any links if you’re not certain where they lead to


Does Telstra have any malware protection?

Yes - Telstra Broadband Protect Network Protection gives you automatic protection against known malware threats for computers and devices connected to your Telstra Broadband service.

It also automatically blocks access to links in known phishing emails which may try to steal your personal information or install malware on your computers or devices.

Also included with Telstra Broadband Protect is Telstra Broadband Protect Anti-Virus Plus Security which works on most Windows and Mac computers, and Android devices.

From time to time you may still need to run your own check if you suspect your computer or device is infected.


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