What is Social Network Protection?


Social Network Protection can be activated on your Telstra home broadband service when you subscribe to Telstra Broadband Protect.

It’s an online tool that helps you protect your children against cyber bullying, bad language, and contact with someone outside their known circles on social networks like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Social Network Protection works no matter where your child logs in to their social network accounts, because it connects directly to their social network accounts.

How do I use social network protection?

You can use Social Network Protection to monitor what your children are doing and sharing, and control their access to the main social network sites.

Depending on the protection level you choose, you can:

  • receive emails or SMS alerts about cyber bullying, bad language, outside contact and more
  • see recent activity on the Social Network Protection dashboard
  • see Activities for each protected child including new alerts, photos, videos or friends
  • select specific items to view more details
  • add or remove accounts from a child’s social network protection profile
  • stop monitoring a child’s social network protection profile

How do I keep track of what my kids search for?

  • Use the Alerts page to add, edit or delete keywords defined and ranked critical, moderate or low depending on whether they’re appropriate for each child
  • You can also search keywords yourself, and manage them in Settings.

To set up and manage Social Network Protection:

  1. Sign into Telstra 24x7 My Account 
  2. From your services menu, select your internet service
  3. Scroll down to Add-ons
  4. Next to ‘Telstra Broadband Protect’, select Manage
  5. Under the Telstra Broadband Protect Dashboard, you’ll see ‘Social Network Protection’. Below that, select Manage.
  6. Add children, select a protection level:
  • Type in your child’s name and set your preferred level of protection, i.e. Low, Medium or High



7.     Select which social media networks you would like to add Social Network Protection to by selecting the relevant social network icons

  • To do this, you’ll need the log in details for your child’s account on each social network

8.     Select Finish

  • To add additional children; go to the Social Network Protection home page and select Add a Child and repeat the above steps


Good to know:

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google+ are available to add to your child’s Social Network Protection Profile.
  • If your child’s social media account password are changed you will need to update this in your child’s Social Network Protection profile in order for Social Network Protection to continue to work.






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