Network Protection is automatically activated on your Telstra home broadband service when you subscribe to Telstra Broadband Protect.

It helps to protect against known scams and online threats to your iPads, smartphones, computers, laptops, gaming consoles and any other similar device when they’re connected to your home network.

This online tool helps protect devices connected to your Telstra-supplied modem by scanning incoming traffic from the internet, and automatically blocking any suspicious activity.

How do I change my Network Protection level?

  1. Sign in to your Telstra 24x7 My Account page
  2. Select your internet service
  3. Now scroll to Add-ons and find Telstra Broadband Protect
  4. Select Manage
  5. Under the Telstra Broadband Protect Dashboard, you’ll see whether ‘Network Protection’ is ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’. Below that, your ‘Protection level’ is displayed. To change it, select View/Change.
  6. Select your preferred Protection Level and then Save Changes

What if I see a Blocked page alert?

This means Network Protection has blocked you from visiting a site you tried to access.

If you’ve chosen Lowered Protection, you can select Continue Anyway and go to the site.

If you think the site shouldn’t be blocked, you can report it as ‘Safe’ and we’ll review it.

Good to know:

  • Telstra Broadband Protect’s Network Protection does not apply if:
    • Your home internet connection accesses the Internet with a non-Telstra DNS or VPN (like Open DNS)
    • You use a proxy server to connect to the Internet
  • Telstra Broadband Protect Network Protection does not monitor your traffic to filter viruses or spyware, instead it blocks access to sites known to serve or install malicious content.






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