What’s different about the Telstra Smart Modem™?

The Telstra Smart Modem keeps you connected to the internet - even when there is a fixed broadband network outage or disruption - by automatically switching to a backup mobile internet service.

Then when the issue is resolved, it switches back to the fixed broadband network. You may not even know it has happened.


How does it keep me connected?

The Telstra Smart Modem has an inbuilt SIM card that connects to the Telstra mobile network. When it detects that your ADSL, cable or nbn™ broadband is not available, it switches to the Telstra mobile network.


Is my speed the same on the mobile network?

No – the connection speed is capped at 25Mbps for download and 2Mbps for uploading.


Can I make phone calls with the Telstra Smart Modem while it’s switched to the mobile network?

Yes – if you have a Telstra home internet plan on the nbn with a Telstra Smart Modem or a Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 you will be able to make calls from your home phone when your modem is connected to the 4G back-up service on the Telstra  Mobile Network

The Telstra Smart Modem does support your voice service provided you have either an active PSTN phone line (with ADSL, cable and nbn™ Fixed Wireless services) or an active nbn™ line (with all other nbn™ services).

Third party Voice Over IP services such as Facetime and Skype will be supported on the modem over the mobile backup connection as with any other type of internet-based application.


Can anyone get a Telstra Smart Modem?

  • A Telstra Smart Modem is included with all Telstra home internet plans. Conditions apply.
    When you stay connected for 24 months. You will need to payout the remaining cost of your Telstra Smart Modem (if you received a modem included in your plan) if you cancel your plan within 24 months of connecting, and any outstanding Hardware Repayment Option repayments will be payable in full.
  • You also need to be in a 4G coverage area.


Does the Telstra Smart Modem tell anyone about the problem?

Yes – your Telstra Smart Modem alerts Telstra when it switches to the mobile network so that we can investigate any issues with your fixed broadband and repair the connection. You should also receive a notification to your preferred contact method (SMS or email), to let you know when it switches between your fixed connection and mobile backup connection.

Good to know:

Notifications are limited to two per day - one for switching to mobile backup connection, and the other for returning to fixed connectivity.

Will I be limited to what I can do if I switch over to the mobile backup connection?

25Mbps should be enough to perform most online activities such as video streaming, online gaming, video chat, email and internet browsing.

Whilst on the mobile backup connection, the following will not work:

  • nbn™ voice services
  • Telstra Air®
  • Telstra Broadband Protect
  • T-Voice® services
  • Some Telstra Smart Home service features and devices depending on the speeds you experience


How will I know when I am on fixed broadband or the mobile backup connection?

You will be notified when your connection switches over to either network. You will also be able to distinguish through LED indicators on the device which network you are operating off.

If your ONLINE light is magenta, you are on the mobile backup connection.
If your ONLINE light is green, you are on your fixed broadband.


How is the data billed when I am on the mobile backup connection?

Any mobile data used while your Telstra Smart Modem is using the mobile backup connection will count towards your fixed broadband allowance. You will not be charged additionally for the mobile data usage.

For example, if you use 100GB of Fixed Broadband data and 2GB of mobile data on the Telstra Smart Modem this will count as 102GB of your normal fixed broadband allowance.


What speeds can I expect when using the Telstra Smart Modem?

When on the fixed broadband, you will experience normal broadband speeds based on your access type, be it ADSL, cable or nbn™.

When the Telstra Smart Modem switches over to the mobile backup connection, you can expect speeds of up to 25Mbps downloads and 2Mbps uploads. Everyday speeds will differ due to a range of factors including local conditions and content accessed. 

Can I use the same device when I migrate to the nbn™ network?

Yes, the Telstra Smart Modem has been designed to make migrating to the nbn™ network easy. With the mobile backup connection, this will also ensure that you maintain an internet connection in the event of a delayed migration process.


Can I use the same device when I move?

Yes, the Telstra Smart Modem will utilise the mobile backup connection until your fixed line has been connected at your new premise.


Can I leave my Telstra Smart Modem unplugged to use only the 4G mobile backup?

Your fixed broadband connection will always be your primary service for internet connectivity on the Telstra Smart Modem. Our Customer Terms only permit the modem be used on the mobile backup connection when your fixed broadband connection is unavailable. Refer to Our Customer Terms for the Telstra Smart Modem.






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