No, in many cases for standard connections to the nbn network you can move without changing your plan*.

However, if you’re currently charged for your home phone and your internet separately - meaning you’re not on a bundle plan - you will have to change to an in market offer..

If you’ve been on your plan for a long time, you might also need to change to an in market offer.

To find out if you’re on the best plan for you when you’re switching to the nbn network, or if you need to change your plan, call us on 1800 834 273.

What if I only have a home phone - no internet?

If you only have a home phone, in most cases you can keep the same plan with the same inclusions*.

*some exceptions apply, please ask the Telstra representative when you place your order.

Good to know:

For information about potential nbn set up costs, please see What are the charges for connecting to nbn?



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