A Lead-In for the nbn™ network is the physical network connection between your home and the nbn network at your property’s boundary. A Lead-In is usually installed underground within a trench unless aerial cabling is already being used within the street. You may need a new Lead-In if you’re connecting a new phone or internet service, and your home;

  • is new
  • has been renovated
  • has been knocked-down/rebuilt
  • has never had a phone or internet connection before.

It will also depend on the type of technology nbn co is going to use to connect the nbn network to your address. In some cases, it may not require cabling direct to your home.

To find out when the nbn network will be live in your area and what technology is going to be used, check the rollout map.

Use this check list to view nbn Lead-In requirements. 

Who digs the Lead-In trench?

If your premises requires a new Lead-In, the trench needs to be dug and ready before your nbn service can be connected.

You’re responsible for digging a trench on your own property. You can dig the trench yourself or arrange a private contractor to do it.

Could I already have a Lead-In?

If your property has had a previous phone or internet connection, and there haven’t been any renovations or re-development, then you probably already have an existing Lead-In.

  • a wall box on the side of your property, or
  • an overhead aerial cable running directly from a street pole to your property.

Check with your builder or developer if you’re still unsure whether you need a new Lead-In.

Good to know:

  • In some cases where a lead in is damaged you may require a new one.






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