The nbn satisfaction guarantee is our promise to you that if you’re not happy within 30 days of connecting your nbn services, you can cancel without paying early termination charges and we’ll refund your first monthly plan fee and any hardware repayment costs.

Can I take up the nbn satisfaction guarantee?

If you’re an eligible customer and within 30 days of your nbn service being connected then you can take up the nbn satisfaction guarantee. The 30 days starts after the service is connected to the nbn network.

You are an eligible customer on a casual, 12 or 24 month contract and you’re:

  • Connecting a new nbn service with Telstra
  • Migrating to the nbn network with Telstra

You’re not eligible if you’re a customer of:

  • ADSL/cable
  • Belong (including nbn)
  • Velocity
  • Moves (if you’re already on nbn moving to a new address with nbn)
  • If you port out/disconnect without calling

How can I take up the nbn satisfaction guarantee?

Simply let us know within 30 days of your nbn connection by contacting one of our dedicated Live Chat agents, or calling 1800 290 820

What will I get back?

We’ll refund your first monthly plan fee, any speed boost charges, hardware repayment costs you may have paid, (and any standard Telstra installation, connection or activation fees. We will also any waive early termination fees and you’re welcome to keep your hardware or equipment (except Foxtel by Telstra equipment if applicable). You’ll need to pay for any call charges not included in your plan or excess data charges you may have incurred. Non-standard installation charges or nbn co fees are not included.

I’m an existing Telstra customer but new to Telstra nbn am I eligible for the nbn satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, if you’re connecting to nbn for the first time with Telstra, you’re eligible for the nbn satisfaction guarantee.

What if I want to return to my old ADSL or Cable services?

Once you take up an nbn service at your address, you can’t move back to ADSL or Cable services on Telstra’s fixed network.  If you take up our nbn satisfaction guarantee, you’ll be able to take up nbn services with another provider or simply no longer have home phone and broadband services at this time.