• No. To get an nbn™ service installed in a newly built home, you need to register your new address with nbn co.
  • You, the developer or the builder can register on the nbn new development page

Can I get the nbn equipment installed before I move in?

  • Yes - once your address is registered with nbn co, you can request a pre-installation of the nbn equipment.
  • That means your nbn equipment is installed while your home is being finished, so it’s ready to be activated once you move in.

Can I get Telstra to sort this out for me?

How do I place my order?

  • When you’re ready to order your nbn equipment and your Telstra broadband installation, call us on 1800 834 273.

Good to know:

  • When you activate your services, you may be charged connection fees.
  • If services on the nbn network is available within the area you’re building your new home, you are unable to get any other fixed broadband connection.





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